Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR)

Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR)

Dr. Jeffrey Dueck

Some Tips for Student-Athletes

Be pro-active: As soon as you receive a copy of your game schedule (online or in print) provide a copy to your professors.

Be pro-active: If you know that you have a contest scheduled for the same day and time as a scheduled exam in one or more of your classes, speak to the professor in advance to make alternative arrangements.

Be pro-active: If you have an exam study session and it conflicts with practice, speak to your coach before the study session.

Be pro-active: If you are injured during practice or a contest and it will affect your attendance or activity in class, e-mail the professor as soon as you are able.

Be pro-active: If you must miss class for travel, rehab, and/or a contest, be certain to request any handouts, assignments, or information about the class session before you leave campus. Be pro-active: If you are struggling in a class, speak to your coach and instructo as soon as possible.

Be pro-active: If you feel that a professor has treated you unfairly regarding class attendance, grading, work missed, or a similar matter because you are a student-athlete or if a coach causes you to miss class because of practice, or requires too many hours of practice, or the like, please contact the FAR to discuss your situation.