Sports Medicine Department

…Because time doesn't heal all wounds


The goal of the Athletic Trainers on staff in the Nyack College Sports Medicine Department is to provide medical services to our intercollegiate athletes through education, prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. We strive to minister not only to the intellectual, emotional and definitely the physical, but also meeting spiritual needs that matter for eternity.

We are weakened but not crushed, frustrated but not despaired, persecuted but not forsaken, and struck down but not destroyed so that the life of Jesus be made real in our body.


The Nyack College Sports Medicine Department (NCSMD) began in August of 1991.  Located in a "closet" with 8 boxes of tape and 25 "old" tubs of red hot, the NCSMD has grown to meet the needs of the expanding student population.  In the summer of 2005, a new athletic training room was constructed at the south end of Bowman Memorial Gymnasium.  Then in 2011, the Graduate Assistant position was instituted followed by the Assistant Athletic Trainer position in the fall of 2012.  These additions ensure that the quality of care continued as additional sports were added.  These expansions provide for continual grow and improvement on the services of the NCSMD as we strive to meet the needs of the athletes both physically and spiritually.


Consisting of two National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) and New York State certified Athletic Trainer, one Graduate Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer, and relying on a network of medical professionals, the Sports Medicine Department seeks to provide an all-inclusive treatment of athletic needs that center around the five domains of an athletic trainer with a sixth added as our own:

  1. Prevention of athletic injuries,
  2. Clinical Evaluation & Diagnosis of athletic injuries,
  3. Immediate & Emergencey Care of athletic injuries,
  4. Treatment & Rehabilitation of athletic injuries,
  5. Organization & Professional Health & Well Being, and 
  6. Encouragement and Mentoring of the spiritual needs of the athletes







National Athletic Trainer's Association


Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer


New York State Athletic Trainer's Association


Eastern Athletic Trainer's Association