2019-20 Women's Volleyball Roster

Cl. Pos. Ht. Hometown Previous School Major
No.: 1 Bayleigh Massey full bio Bayleigh Massey Cl.: Fr Pos.: DS Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: Marion, OH Previous School: Pleasant HS Major: Nursing
No.: 2 Kirby Cuellar full bio Kirby Cuellar Cl.: Jr Pos.: OH/DS Ht.: 5'9 Hometown: Houston, TX Previous School: Clarendon College Major: Business Administration
No.: 3 Katie Ames full bio Katie Ames Cl.: Fr. Pos.: DS Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: Wickenburg, AZ Previous School: Wickenburg HS Major: Nursing
No.: 4 Bailey Medeiros full bio Bailey Medeiros Cl.: Jr Pos.: DS/LB Ht.: 5'4 Hometown: Burnsville, MN Previous School: Burnsville HS Major: Psychology
No.: 6 Rachel Medin full bio Rachel Medin Cl.: Jr Pos.: S/RS Ht.: 5'10 Hometown: San Diego, CA Previous School: Del Norte HS Major: Nursing
No.: 15 Makayla Veracka full bio Makayla Veracka Cl.: Sr Pos.: DS Ht.: 5'4 Hometown: Pine Bush, NY Previous School: John S. Burke Catholic HS Major: Childhood Special Education
No.: 16 Cassady Hymes full bio Cassady Hymes Cl.: So Pos.: MB Ht.: 5'11 Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Previous School: Green Valley HS Major: Youth and Family Studies
No.: 18 Paige Easley full bio Paige Easley Cl.: Sr Pos.: RS Ht.: 6'0 Hometown: Long Beach, CA Previous School: Lakewood HS Major: Criminal Justice
No.: 20 Abby Wright full bio Abby Wright Cl.: Sr Pos.: MH Ht.: 5'10 Hometown: Leesburg, VA Previous School: Loudoun County HS Major: Criminal Justice
No.: 23 Shayna Timson full bio Shayna Timson Cl.: Fr Pos.: OH Ht.: 5'10 Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Previous School: Sunrise Mountain HS Major: Social Work
No.: 24 Kyra Zuhlke full bio Kyra Zuhlke Cl.: Jr Pos.: MH Ht.: 6'2 Hometown: Johnstown, CO Previous School: Resurrection Christian School Major: Youth and Family Studies
No.: 55 British Dawson full bio British Dawson Cl.: Jr Pos.: DS/LB Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: Kailua, HI Previous School: University Laboratory School Major: Psychology